Evolution Chamber INC. is not a gym or ordinary personal training studio. Located in Thornhill / Markham, Evolution Chamber is the only small-group PERSONAL TRAINING (not bootcamp) studio that focuses on one thing and that one thing better than everybody else... individualized accelerated muscle mass break-down and recovery to pack on pure, lean muscle as fast as humanly possible! When you join the tribe, our training does not begin and end at the door, just as physical progression does not just begin and end at the door.  You are not just joining for a muscle-blasting workout, you are joining for the systematic results system.

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NOT Just Training Sessions

What is Evolution Chamber?

Lose Up To

15 LBS*

Of Body Fat (Specifically Belly Area)


Gain Up To

2 LBS*

Of Lean Muscle (Focus On Upper/Lower Body)

In The First 4 Weeks...

*Based On 88% of our Tribe Members Results*

Rapid Evolution Formula:

Phase 1. 

Evolution Setting


First, when you come into our facility you'll be guided through a simple body composition analysis and discussion to create your individualized rapid evolution journey. With this information we will create your weekly micro-goal plan associated with one of our 8 evolution stages, based off of your total muscle or body fat %. This goal will be a necessity to be tracked by us and reached on a weekly basis to ensure we evolve.

Phase 2.

Muscle Break-Down

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Next, up to 3 days per week, during scheduled dates your evolution mentor will take you and your small group through your own individualized evolution program. These progressive overloaded sessions utilize our science backed technology known as "Blood-Flow Drop-Sets" which includes buckling on-and-off occlusion bands paired with high-intensity, heavy-resistance training to allow for maximum muscle break-down.

Phase 3.

Muscle Recovery


Then, flexible nutrition plans based off of our tried-and-true formula and tracking will allow for maximal muscle recovery to pack lean muscle and increase body-fat burning like never before. All members will be sent updated individualized plans to follow and will be required to send meal photos through the "E.C. Blueprint" mobile application which will be checked-up upon daily to ensure we reach our weekly microgoal.

Phase 4.




Meet The Trainers

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Big Chief

President of Evolution Chamber INC.

 "The transformations made through leading a healthy life bleed into all other aspects of life. Nothing in this world has the same physical / mental growth properties that fitness does."



"I'm here daily to check members dietary photos from the mobile application, on-board new members, conduct biweekly evolution evaluations both in person and over the phone, ensure we’re providing our members the best service as possible, educate, motivate and most importantly - ensure members are reaching their evolution!



The evolution is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep up with the pace!"

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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but you can definitely start today and make a new ending. We better see you in the Chamber! - It’s Evolution Season.”