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What Makes Evolution Chamber Unique?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Why We Offer the Best Small-Group Personal Training in Thornhill, Markham... Hands Down!

not your ordinary personal training studio

are you hungry to evolve?

Evolution Chamber cuts out all the fluff in the industry. We know what you want...

the results

Clean and simple. We won't try and sell you on wow-factors that you don't care about such as the beautiful state of the art equipment (That we have) or highly certified trainers (Which we also have!). We're here to sell you one thing - your rapid evolution which we will produce to you faster and more effectively than anybody else due to Evolution Chamber INC.'s results formula. Just ask our clients!

Here, we take heavy consideration into understanding the specificity of one's goals to help members pack on size and tone down as quick and effectively as naturally possible!

Results-Driven Evolution Formula

Located in Thornhill / Markham, our team of certified trainers specializing in muscle gain and toning use Evolution Chamber's results formula to guarantee rapid transformational results!

Personal Training Before and After Transformation - Muscle Gain

This Blueprint Includes 3 Very Simple Elements -

  • Daily Nutritional Plan / Guidance

  • Individualized Recorded Training

  • Weekly Goal-Setting

These simple properties will be strategically aligned and arranged focused around your specific evolution to help you reach your results as fast as humanly possible - Guaranteed!

“I Used to be the awkward, skinny kid... Now thanks to Evolution Chamber I walk around shirtless feeling better than ever!”


you are not joining for "exercise"

you are joining for the evolution


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