1-on-1 Rapid Evolution Package

Rapidly pack on mass or tone up with our personalized training program to pack on mass and tone down using Evolution Chamber's Rapid Evolution Formula 

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 Privatized 1-on-1 training hosted at large 2,000 square foot facility to establish focus on only you and your evolution.

No Gym Membership Needed!

Personalized Training

 Personalized training schedule for individual's specific goals following P.P.T.'s science-backed formula.

Nutrition Plans

Updated nutrition plans or guidance based off of P.P.T's tried-and-true formula and tracking.

Trainer Support

    24/7 Support and accountability from fitness mentor with P.P.T.'s own mobile application to assure no loopholes through evolution process.

Guaranteed Results

Recorded progression to ensure guaranteed evolution as fast as humanly possible! 

Sizing-Beast and Apex-Toning Package Rates

1-on-1 session pricing is based off of how many sessions per week the individual can commit to reaching their evolution.
3-volve package includes a free membership to the studio.
Each Session is 1 Hour.

Per Week


1  Session:

2  Sessions:


Per Week

3  Sessions:


4  Sessions:

Per Week


Per Week

All Packages Include:

X Private Sessions Per Week

Updated Individualized Training Programs For Your Desired Results

Updated Nutritional Plans and / or Guidance Every Day Using P.P.T.'s Own Mobile Application

24/7 Access and Support From Fitness Mentor Using P.P.T.'s Own Mobile Application

Progressive Assessments Every 4 Weeks

Access to P.P.T.'s Mobile Application With Community Hub, Challenges, Nutrition Tracker, Fitness Tracker, Etc.

Recorded Progression EVERY Session to ensure no loopholes through process 

Guaranteed Rapid Results using Primitive Power Training’s Evolution Formula